January 23, 2018

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6D plus Misty Gradient Eyebrow Embroidery

April 2, 2019

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Eyebrows for Beginners

March 8, 2017

Filling in your eyebrows to get them on fleek may seem daunting at first, but don't fuss about it, it's not rocket science. Complete your everyday make up look with this easy to do step by step eyebrow tutorial for dummies!




Step 1: Before you begin filling in your brows, always make sure to brush your eyebrows out well first. Use an eyebrow comb or brush wand and comb out your brow hairs in the direction of the hair growth. 




Step 2: Using your trustworthy eyebrow pencil (which should be one shade lighter than your natural hair colour), gently outline the desired shape of your eyebrow like so. For a more natural look, use your original brow shape and arch as a rough guide.





Step 3:  Trim any unwanted hair that sticks out of the outline you have just drawn with an eyebrow trimmer. It is advisable to tweeze off any thick hairs rather than shave them off. If you are shaving the unwanted hairs off, go from the top to the bottom of your brows, starting from the inner brow and making your way to the outer parts. 




Step 4: Now, it's time to fill in the sparse areas of your eyebrows. Using your eyebrow pencil, lightly shade using gentle strokes in singular motions. Do take note that there should be a slight gradient in your eyebrows for a more natural look - the front part of your eyebrow being the lightest region, and the end of your eyebrow being the darkest region. 




Lastly, if required, use your eyebrow brush to lightly brush out your eyebrows and blend the pencil shadings for a more natural look.  And voila, there you have it! A perfect set of neat and full eyebrows to accentuate the angles of your face.  Your eyebrows frame your face and are definitely one of the most crucial features of your face - so never forget about them! And remember, practice makes perfect! 


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