January 23, 2018

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April 2, 2019

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October 26, 2017


Questions you have for lips embroidery answered.


You’ve been thinking of getting your lips done for quite some time now, but somehow something is holding you back from booking that appointment. You have questions about how lip embroidery is actually done and what the after effects of the treatment are. Well, you can book your appointment right after reading some answers we share for the questions you have about lip embroidery.


Does it harm the lips?

No, it doesn’t. Lip embroidery is in fact safer than applying lipstick, especially if you apply lipstick daily. The materials used in the lipstick pigments can cause health implications like irritation, dry lips, or even cancer. Lip embroidery, on the other hand uses biocompatible (meaning that it’s compatible with the human body) chemicals and the materials can be organic, too, making it non-toxic and safe to human lips. The needles used for the procedure are also sterile packed and only for single-use to maximize hygiene and safety.


Is the procedure painful?

Sticking needles into a very delicate part on the human body sounds like a very excruciating thing to do, right? However, lip embroidery is done with minimum pain, as topical anesthetics (numbing cream) will be applied to minimize pain. It could depend on your pain threshold but it is unlikely that the pain is intolerable.


How long will the treatment take and how long will the color last?

The treatment usually takes around 2-3 hours, and the color can last for 1-2 years or even up to 3 years or more if you take proper care. It can also vary depending on the materials used in the color pigments, as well as the application of the treatment.


Does lip embroidery fill and/or plump up my lips?

What lip embroidery does is give your lips and the lining more definition by enhancing them with natural colors so it looks (keyword: looks) fuller, but it doesn’t actually physically fill or plump up the lips.


Does the color darken over time?

On the contrary, the color from lip embroidery ages beautifully and gets lighter over time given that you work with professionals and the right colors. Make sure you get advice from your beautician for the best results.


Can I still apply lipstick after the lip embroidery?

Yes. Lip embroidery mostly uses nude or natural colors to give the lips a natural color and definition. Feel free to apply vivid, bold, and striking lipstick (or even plain nude ones, if you feel like it) after the lips have fully recovered from the treatment. 


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