January 23, 2018

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6D plus Misty Gradient Eyebrow Embroidery

April 2, 2019

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Lips Embroidery is better than Lipsticks

August 17, 2018


What is Lips Embroidery?

There are various names to it but scientifically , it is called Lips Micro-pigmentation. By depositing organic micro pigmentation into the upper dermal layer of the lip’ skin with a fine needle, it gives you the look of soft lipstick of your choice or a natural pinkish lips colour. This treatment allows us to enhance our lips shape.


Who needs Lips Embroidery?
Anyone who does not want to repeatedly hassle themselves with touching up their lipstick, or perhaps one who prefer to be adored for that natural pinkish lips. Over the years, we have seen many people coming forward hoping to find a remedy for their dark lips (whether it is natural or affected by smoking.) We can help them to regain their lip color by reinstating the neutral color before applying their color of preference.
Lips embroidery is better than lipsticks and here’s why ….

The waxes and proteins that are found in lipsticks have been proven to be an ideal place for virus to habitat. Most lipsticks are kept up to two years and you do not want to imagine what bacteria you have been applying on your lips. In Brow Studio, we do not recycle needles and each new packaging is torn in front of the customer . All our equipment are sterilised thoroughly.
The process of making lipsticks and its chemicals are harmful and is bad for health. Too much application of lipstick can also discolour your lips – turning them purple black.
Lips embroidery is a one-time treatment which can last up to 5 years, depending on each individual. No touch up is required for lips embroidery. The pigments that are used for our lips embroidery are organic products imported from Germany. They are natural and organic and are not harmful to your lips at all.

The old process used to be painful, but we have revised techniques and advanced them further such that we no longer need to numb you , which also means it is painless.



Good things aren’t cheap, cheap things aren’t good. It is important to engage experienced artists to do your lips embroidery. Able to last up to 5 years, you won’t want to end up with an odd shape. Also be sure to check what kind of pigments are involved in the process and ensure it is not the conventional tattoo type. In Brow Studio our experienced artists will walk you thru during the consultation about the kind of shapes that suits your face. We will then draw a mock up and only start with the treatment when you are satisfied. Book a free consultation with us now at www.browstudio.expert/ourservices




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