January 23, 2018

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April 2, 2019

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Eyelash Extensions Aftercare

September 27, 2018



Maximize the beauty and lifespan of your eyelash extensions by properly caring for them at home! Lash extensions under improper care tend to fall out sooner, so do take note of these little tips to lengthen the life of your extensions.





  • Use OIL-FREE make-up remover to clean your lashes and eye area

        Oils weaken the adhesive used to glue your extensions to your natural lashes, making it more prone to             falling out prematurely!

  • Be GENTLE with your lashes at all times

  • Gently CLEAN your lashes daily by rinsing with some waterand patting dry (step by step instructions below!)

  • Gently GROOM your lashes with an eyelash comb

        To keep them neat and tidy



  • Use oil-based eye makeup (especially waterproof mascaras)

  • Perm or curl your lashes with heat

  • Soak your lashes in the shower or when swimming

  • Subject your lashes to prolonged pressure (eg. sleeping face down against pillows)

  • Rub or tug at your eyelashes




  1. Remove all makeup using an OIL-FREE makeup remover. Do not use cotton pads or balls around the eye area as the loose cotton fibres may get caught in your lashes. Instead, use a cotton tip to remove any eye makeup.


2.  Gently wet your eyes with room-temperature water and lightly pat with fingers. (DO                     NOT rub!)


3. Slowly dab your eyes with soft facial tissues to remove excess water.

 4. Use a lash comb to fan your lashes out to prevent any clumping.

 5. Clean your lashes every fortnightly.

Follow these steps to ensure your lashes stay marvellous for long. Time to flutter your way through life!



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